Physical Education and Dance Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
DANC 101aDance ProductionSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 101bDance ProductionSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 101cDance ProductionSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 102aDance RepertorySean Laughlin5Details
DANC 102bDance RepertorySean Laughlin5Details
DANC 107bFolk Dance ProductionSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 111aArgentine Tango ProductionSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 120aBeginning BalletSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 120bIntermediate BalletSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 121bIntensive BalletSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 122Beginning Pointe TechniqueSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 125aBeginning Modern DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 125bIntermediate Modern DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 125cAdvanced Modern DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 126bIntensive Modern DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 127Dance ImprovisationSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 128Contact ImprovisationSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 130aBeginning JazzSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 130bIntermediate JazzSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 130cAdvanced JazzSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 132aBeginning African Haitian MovementSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 132bIntermediate African Haitian MovementSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 135aBeginning Tap DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 135bIntermediate Tap DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 136Tap Dance IntensiveSean Laughlin2Details
DANC 137aBeginning Hip-HopSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 137bIntermediate Hip-HopSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 137cAdvanced Hip-HopSean Laughlin1Details
DANC 140aBeginning European Folk DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 145aBeginning Ballroom DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 145bIntermediate Ballroom DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 146aBeginning Waltz Styles and TechniquesSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 146bIntermediate WaltzSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 147aBeginning International BallroomSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 150aBeginning Swing DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 150bIntermediate Swing DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 151aBeginning Lindy HopSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 151bIntermediate Lindy HopSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 155aBeginning Latin American and Social Folk DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 155bIntermediate Latin American DanceSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 160aBeginning Argentine TangoSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 160bIntermediate Argentine TangoSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 160cAdvanced Argentine TangoSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 161Follower's Techniques for Argentine TangoSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 170Dance AerobicsSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 30Dance History in Western CultureSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 34aDance ConditioningSean Laughlin5Details
DANC 37Feldenkrais for DanceSean Laughlin5Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for DANCStage 5: 46
Stage 4: 0
Stage 3: 0
Stage 2: 1
Stage 1: 1
Total: 48


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
PE 13Sport and SocietySean Laughlin5Details
PE 14Women’s Fitness and AgingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 20Sports NutritionAimee Yan3Details
PE 200cFitness Center Super CircuitSean Laughlin5Details
PE 200dSuper Cardio CircuitSean Laughlin2Details
PE 201Fitness Center for Faculty and StaffSean Laughlin5Details
PE 202Interactive fitnessSean Laughlin5Details
PE 204aPhysical FitnessSean Laughlin5Details
PE 205aBeginning Running and ConditioningSean Laughlin5Details
PE 205bRunning and Conditioning -IntermediateSean Laughlin2Details
PE 205cAdvanced Running and ConditioningSean Laughlin2Details
PE 206aWalking for Wellness -BeginningSean Laughlin5Details
PE 206bIntermediate Walking for Wellness Sean Laughlin2Details
PE 206cAdvanced Walking for WellnessSean Laughlin2Details
PE 208aBeginning AerobicsSean Laughlin5Details
PE 209Step AerobicsSean Laughlin5Details
PE 21Teaching MovementSean Laughlin2Details
PE 210BoxerciseSean Laughlin5Details
PE 212Olympic Weight LiftingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 214Weigh TrainingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 215aStrength and Circuit TrainingSean Laughlin2Details
PE 216Body SculptingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 216bBody Sculpting -Level 2Sean Laughlin1Details
PE 218Senior and Restorative YogaSean Laughlin5Details
PE 219aBeginning YogaSean Laughlin5Details
PE 219bIntermediate YogaSean Laughlin5Details
PE 220Intensive YogaSean Laughlin5Details
PE 221Yoga MovementSean Laughlin5Details
PE 222Intro to FeldenkraisSean Laughlin5Details
PE 223aFeldenkrais Level 1Sean Laughlin2Details
PE 230aBeginning ArcherySean Laughlin5Details
PE 230bIntermediate ArcherySean Laughlin5Details
PE 231aBeginning BadmintonSean Laughlin5Details
PE 232aBeginning BaseballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 232bIntermediate BaseballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 232cAdvanced BaseballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 233aBeginning BasketballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 233cAdvanced BasketballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 236aBeginning GolfSean Laughlin5Details
PE 236bIntermediate GolfSean Laughlin5Details
PE 238aBeginning SoccerSean Laughlin5Details
PE 238cAdvanced SoccerSean Laughlin5Details
PE 240aBeginning TennisSean Laughlin5Details
PE 240bIntermediate TennisSean Laughlin5Details
PE 240cAdvanced TennisSean Laughlin5Details
PE 242aBeginning VolleyballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 242bIntermediate VolleyballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 244aCompetitive Doubles TennisSean Laughlin2Details
PE 251aBeginning SwimmingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 251bIntermediate SwimmingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 251cAdvanced SwimmingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 252Water AerobicsSean Laughlin5Details
PE 253Swim ConditioningSean Laughlin5Details
PE 271aBeginning JudoSean Laughlin5Details
PE 271bIntermediate JudoSean Laughlin5Details
PE 271cAdvanced JudoSean Laughlin5Details
PE 274aBeginning JujitsuSean Laughlin5Details
PE 276aBeginning TaekwondoSean Laughlin5Details
PE 276bIntermediate TaekwondoSean Laughlin5Details
PE 277Self Defense for WomenSean Laughlin5Details
PE 278Personal Defense and Safety AwarenessSean Laughlin5Details
PE 29Firefighting and Public Safety ConditioningSean Laughlin5Details
PE 41Analysis of BaseballSean Laughlin5Details
PE 7Coaching & OfficiatingSean Laughlin5Details
PE 8Intro to Fitness, Training and Human PerformanceSean Laughlin5Details
PE 9Fit or FatSean Laughlin5Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for PEStage 5: 55
Stage 4: 0
Stage 3: 1
Stage 2: 9
Stage 1: 1
Total: 66


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
PE A 42Intercollegiate Women's BasketballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 60Intercollegiate Women's SoccerSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 61Intercollegiate Women's BadmintonSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 62Intercollegiate Women's SwimmingSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 63Intercollegiate Women's TennisSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 65Intercollegiate Women's BasketballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 66Intercollegiate Women's Track and FieldSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 67Intercollegiate Women's SoftballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 68Intercollegiate Women's VolleyballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 69Intercollegiate Women's Cross CountrySean Laughlin5Details
PE A 80Intercollegiate BaseballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 81Intercollegiate Men's BasketballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 82Intercollegiate Men's Cross CountrySean Laughlin5Details
PE A 83Intercollegiate FootballSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 85Intercollegiate Men's SoccerSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 88Intercollegiate Men's Track and FieldSean Laughlin5Details
PE A 99Intercollegiate Sport DevelopmentSean Laughlin5Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for PE AStage 5: 17
Stage 4: 0
Stage 3: 0
Stage 2: 0
Stage 1: 0
Total: 17

Assessment Stage Grand Totals for Physical Education and Dance:

Stage 5: 118
Stage 4: 0
Stage 3: 1
Stage 2: 10
Stage 1: 2
Total: 131

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.