AreaCoordinator NameAssessment StageFall 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
ACBO 9201: Accounting I-ProprietorshipElaine Lai5Details
ACBO 9202: Accounting II-CorporateElaine lai5Details
ACBO 9205: Quickbooks CompleteElaine Lai5Details
ACBO 9206: Basic Accounting Concepts ITanaka Gaines5Details
ACBO 9208: QuickBooks Level I Tanaka Gaines5Details
ACBO 9210: Income Tax Prep: IntroYvonne J. Webb4Details
ACBO 9213: QuickBooks, A/P & A/RYvonne J. Webb3Details
ACBO 9214: QuickBooks, PayrollYvonne J. Webb4Details
ACCT 10: Introduction to AccountingLinda Hege5Details
ACCT 1: Financial AcctPebble Carballo4Details
ACCT 2: Managerial AccountingRebecca Butler4Details
ACCT 51: Intermediate Accting 51Pebble Carballo5Details
ACCT 52: Intermediate Accounting (Part 2)Dennis Mori and Clayton Viertel4Details
ACCT 53: Accounting on MicrocomputerRebecca Butler5Details
ACCT 53: Accounting on the MicrocomputerRebecca Butler5Details
ACCT 54: AuditingSusan Atwood4Details
ACCT 55: Cost AccountingDennis Mori4Details
ACCT 57: Accounting with QuickBooksRebecca Butler5Details
ACCT 57: Accounting with QuickBooks Rebecca Butler5Details
ACCT 59: Federal Income TaxesBruce Leung3Details
BOSS 3500: Job PreparationDiva Conrad5Details
BOSS 3501: Customer Service SkillsRobin Pugh3Details
BOSS 4500: Business English IDiva Conrad4Details
BOSS 4501: Business English IIRobin Pugh4Details
BOSS 4510: Business CommunicationsShirley Orille4Details
BOSS 5500: Keyboarding for ComputersJane Wong/Elinor Chypyha4Details
BOSS 5501: Keyboarding: Skill DevelopmentShirley Orille5Details
BOSS 5502: Clerical KeyboardingJean Liu5Details
BOSS 5506: Computer Keyboarding: The Numeric KeypadJane Wong5Details
BOSS 5509: Office Procedures for the 21st CenturyDiva Conrad4Details
BOSS 5510: Document Formatting & ProductionShirley Orille5Details
BOSS 5511: Office Procedures for the Construction IndustryDiva Conrad3Details
BSEN 70: Fundamentals of English Grammar and CompositionDeborah Kitchin5Details
BSEN 74: Business CorrespondenceDeborah Kitchin5Details
BSEN 76: Business Report WritingOphelia Clark4Details
BSMA 68: Mathematics for BusinessMichael Needham5Details
CLW 18: Commercial LawLinda Perez4Details
CLW 19: Commercial Law 19Linda Perez4Details
COMP 46743: Photoshop Elements IRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 81051: Photoshop Elements IRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 81533: Photoshop Elements II Rudy Padilla1Details
COMP 81966: Google Apps for Business IRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 81998: Intro Flash for the Bus/OfficeRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 82075: Acrobat Bus/Office Doc ConversionRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 82080: Google Apps for Business II Rudy Padilla1Details
COMP 82176: Dreamweaver IRudy Padilla1Details
COMP 9867: Microsoft Excel Essential IShuk-Han Lau5Details
COMP 9888: Microsoft Excel Essentials IIIShuk-Han Lau5Details
COMP 9889: Intro to MS Office Applications for BusinessJane Wong5Details
COMP 9895: Microsoft Excel Essentials IIShuk-Han Lau5Details
COMP 9899: Desktop Publishing for Business IRudy Padilla5Details
COMP 9900: Microsoft Excel for Business 1Keith Jones3Details
COMP 9901: Microsoft Access for Bus IElaine Lai4Details
COMP 9904: Microsoft Excel for Business 2Keith Jones4Details
COMP 9905: Intro to Windows for MS OfficeJamiel Lemley5Details
COMP 9907: DESKTOP PUBLISHING IIRudy Padilla5Details
COMP 9908: Computer & Web-Based Apps Current TopicsJennifer Monroy5Details
COMP 9909: Microsoft Excel for Business IIIStephanie C. Rosenberg5Details
COMP 9910: Microsoft Access for Business IIStephanie C. Rosenberg5Details
COMP 9912: PC Upgrade & OptimizationOscar Wong1Details
COMP 9913: Microcomputer LabJane Wong5Details
COMP 9917: Building Individual WebsitesJulian Skolnick3Details
COMP 9918: Building Business WebsitesJulian Skolnick3Details
COMP 9919: Using Dreamweaver for Basic Business Web PagesJulian Skolnick4Details
COMP 9920: Using SharePoint Designer for BusinessJamiel Lemley5Details
COMP 9921: Flash for Bus/Office PresentationsRudy Padilla4Details
COMP 9921: Intro to the Internet for Office SupportJane Wong5Details
COMP 9922: Flash for Bus/Office PresentationsJulian Skolnick4Details
COMP 9928: PowerPoint for BusinessElaine Lai5Details
COMP 9932: Excel for Accounting PrinciplesMaria Monroy5Details
COMP 9933: Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard - Level IJulian Skolnick3Details
COMP 9934: Building Business Web Pages with Adobe Web Standard - Level IIJulian Skolnick3Details
COMP 9935: Business Web GraphicsJulian Skolnick4Details
COMP 9936: Using Outlook for Office Support, Level IJane Wong5Details
COMP 9938: Publisher for Desktop PublishingJamiel Lemley5Details
COMP 9941: Simulated Projects for MS Office-Self-PacedJane Wong5Details
COMP 9942: Microcomputer LabStephanie C. Rosenberg5Details
COMP 9944: Acrobat for Bus/OfficeRudy Padilla4Details
COMP 9951: PowerPointJane Wong5Details
COMP 9952: Internet and EmailDiva Conrad1Details
COMP 9959: Photoshop ElementsJamiel Lemley5Details
COMP 9969: Dynamic PowerPoint for BusinessKeith Jones1Details
FIN 110: Principles of InsuranceMichael Needham5Details
FIN 130: Principles of Bank OperationsMario Yrun5Details
FIN 136: Introduction to Financial PlanningMichael Needham5Details
FIN 138: Principles of InvestmentMario Yrun5Details
GNBS 125: Green BusinessScott Mandeville4Details
INTR 162: Survey of International BusinessDennis Mullen3Details
INTR 163: International MarketingCarole Meagher5Details
MABS 101: Spreadsheets for Business - ExcelTerrence Corbie1Details
MABS 30: Computer KeyboardingLeslie Morales4Details
MABS 35: Speedbuilding: KeyboardingLeslie Morales4Details
MABS 38: Keyboarding with Microsoft WordLeslie Morales5Details
MABS 391: Word Processing/Microsoft WordLeslie Morales4Details
MABS 406: Developing Web Sites DreamweaverTerrence Corbie4Details
MABS 60: Intro to Computer Applications for BusinessGina Hector5Details
MABS 67: Database for Business - AccessTerrence Corbie4Details
MABS 90: iPad for BusinessTanaka Gaines5Details
MRKT 122: Professional SellingCarole Meagher5Details
MRKT 150: Consumer BehaviorMarilyn Goodman5Details
PLS 14: Immigration LawDora Dye5Details
PLS 16: Paralegal Work ExperienceDora Dye5Details
PLS 18: Paralegal Work ExperienceDora Dye5Details
PLS 1: Introduction to Paralegal StudiesDora Dye5Details
PLS 2: Legal Research and Writing IDora Dye5Details
PLS 3: Legal Research and Writing IIDora Dye5Details
PLS 4: Litigation IDora Dye5Details
PLS 5: Litigation IIDora Dye5Details
RE 181: Real Estate Principlescarol jensen3Details
RE 182: Real Estate EscrowLeo Bello5Details
RE 183: Real Estate Property Managementcarol jensen4Details
RE RE 181: Real Estate PrinciplesLeo Bello 5Details
RE RE184: Real Estate PracticeLeo Bello5Details
SMBU 9419: Devloping a Business PlanRobin Pugh5Details
SMBU 9421: Successful SalesRobin Pugh2Details
SMBU 9436: Buying A BusinessPeter Hughes1Details
SMBU 9451: Business Licenses and PermitsPeter Hughes1Details
SMBU 9467: Getting Started in BusinessRobin Pugh5Details
SMBU 9776: Record KeepingPeter Hughes1Details
SMBU 9778: Franchise Business BasicsPeter Hughes1Details
SMBU 9781: Legal StructurePeter Hughes1Details
SMBU 9782: Home Based BusinessPeter Hughes1Details
SUPV 231: intro to supervision/managementMia rusali5Details
SUPV 232: Organizational behaviormia rusali5Details
SUPV 233: Human Resource Managementmia rusali5Details
SUPV 234: Communication for business managementmia rusali5Details
SUPV 235: Communication for business managementmia rusali5Details
SUPV 235: Organizational Leadershipmia rusali5Details
SUPV 236: women leadershipmia rusali5Details
TRTV 159: Advanced Principles of Travel and TourismJoAnn Derrick3Details
TRTV 160: Transporation Fieldwork JoAnn Derrick3Details
TRTV 173: Destinations: Historical and ArchaelogicalJoAnn Derrick3Details
TRTV 176: Destinations: Great TripsJoAnn Derrick3Details
TRTV 182: Tour ManagementJoAnn Derrick3Details
WKEX 301: General Career Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WKEX 302: General Career Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WKEX 303: General Career Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WKEX 805: On-Campus Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WKEX 806: On-Campus Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WKEX 807: On-Campus Work ExperienceDeborah Kitchin5Details
WOPR 9486: Microsoft Word for Bus IJamiel Lemley5Details
WOPR 9991: Microsoft Word Essentials ITanaka Gaines5Details
WOPR 9993: Microsoft Word Essentials IiTanaka Gaines5Details
WOPR 9994: Microsoft Word Essentials IIiTanaka Gaines1Details
WOPR 9995: Microsoft Word for "Bus IIJamiel Lemley5Details
WOPR 9995: Microsoft Word for Business IIMaria Monroy5Details
WOPR 9996: Microsoft Word for Bus IIIJamiel Lemley5Details
WOPR 9997: Word Processing -Special ProjectsJamiel Lemley5Details
Stage 5: 83
Stage 4: 29
Stage 3: 16
Stage 2: 1
Stage 1: 20
Total: 149

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Program has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and program will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.

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