Child Development and Family Studies Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
CDEV 101Intro to Violence InterventionTracy Burt2Details
CDEV 105Supervising Adults in Early Childhood ProgramsSheila Norman4Details
CDEV 106Exploring Science in Early Childhood CurriculumWilla Owings5Details
CDEV 108Communicating with FamiliesJoanne Devine5Details
CDEV 110Jumpstart & Preschool ChildrenCynthia Fong5Details
CDEV 111112113Work ExperienceKathleen White4Details
CDEV 120Special Education K-12Tracy Burt5Details
CDEV 121AD/HDStephen Rico4Details
CDEV 122Social and Emotional DisturbanceJennifer Carlin-Dawgert3Details
CDEV 123Learning DisabilitiesTracy Burt5Details
CDEV 125Children's Emotional DevelopmentJennifer Carlin-Dawgert3Details
CDEV 150Orientation to K-12 EducationTracy Burt5Details
CDEV 41HEnvironments in Family Child CareKathy Zetes3Details
CDEV 41MSub Teaching in ECE Programs Patricia Nunley2Details
CDEV 41tEarly interventions in autismJennifer Carlin-Dawgert2Details
CDEV 53Child Growth and DevelopmentSharon Donovan4Details
CDEV 61Infant/toddler growth and developmentPeijue Chen5Details
CDEV 62Infant/Toddler Care in Group SettingsHaneefah Shuaibe3Details
CDEV 64Stress and Coping in ECETracy Burt/Reza Azarmi3Details
CDEV 65Orientation to ECE PrinciplesAnnemarie Kurpinsky5Details
CDEV 66Early Childhood CurriculumNorma Villazana-Price3Details
CDEV 67The Child, Family and CommunitySylvia Buford5Details
CDEV 68Interactions with ChildrenAnnemarie Kurpinsky5Details
CDEV 71Elementary Supervised Field ExperienceLisa Quan5Details
CDEV 72Supervised Field Experience in ECEMuriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn5Details
CDEV 73Observing and Assessing Young ChildrenJoanne Devine5Details
CDEV 74Children with Special NeedsManuel Kichi Wong3Details
CDEV 75Secondary Supervised FieldworkTracy Burt5Details
CDEV 76Supporting LGBT Families in ECETracy Burt5Details
CDEV 79Youth ProgrammingNorma 4Details
CDEV 8002Parents and InfantsFrank Duhl5Details
CDEV 8003Parents and Infants 8-14 monthsMargaret Lewis5Details
CDEV 81Early Literacy DevelopmentKathy Zetes3Details
CDEV 8100Child ObservationAdrienne Fong5Details
CDEV 8101The Child Development Lab SchoolMuriel Meunier-Fiebelkorn4Details
CDEV 8104Parent Participating ClassLinda Mickelson5Details
CDEV 8117Current Issues in ChildcareBernadine Luckey4Details
CDEV 8202Foster ParentingBernadine Luckey2Details
CDEV 8206Parenting in the Business CommunityKathleen White3Details
CDEV 90Early Childhood AdminstrationLisa Quan5Details
CDEV 91Early Childhood Administration IIJacob Wang5Details
CDEV 92Health, Safety, and Nutrition in ECE programsManuel Kichi Wong4Details
CDEV 93Cultural Diversity in ECEDelores Eggers-Williams2Details
CDEV 95School Age Child Care CurriculumNorma Villazana-Price3Details
CDEV 96Understanding Children with Challenging BehaviorsStephen Rico4Details
CDEV 97School Age Growth and DevelopmentJoanne Devine5Details
CDEV 98Sensory motor development and activities for young childrenLinda Sudak4Details
CDEV 99Sensory Processing DisorderStephen Rico4Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for CDEVStage 5: 22
Stage 4: 11
Stage 3: 10
Stage 2: 5
Stage 1: 0
Total: 48

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.