Health Education Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
HLTH 10Health and AgingShelley Glazer3Details
HLTH 100Introduction to Alcohol and Drug StudiesTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 103Community and Group ForumsSal Nunez5Details
HLTH 104Internship Preparation and Professional ConductSal Nunez4Details
HLTH 110Health Impacts of IncarcerationAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 112Wellness and IncarcerationAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 116Conflict Resolution Skills in the WorkplaceAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 120Health and Educational JusticeBeth Freedman4Details
HLTH 201CHW Skills & Principles 1Alma Avila4Details
HLTH 25Women's Health IssuesJaney Skinner4Details
HLTH 27Men's HealthTim Berthold5Details
HLTH 30Drugs and SocietyTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 33Introduction to Health and WellnessNora Goodfriend-Koven4Details
HLTH 38Trauma Response and RecoveryNora Goodfriend-Koven3Details
HLTH 48Violence as a Public Health Issue: Prevention StrategiesJaney Skinner5Details
HLTH 50Tai Chi for HealthBeth Freedman4Details
HLTH 5018Tai Chi for HealthBeth Freedman4Details
HLTH 53Health ScienceBeth Freedman5Details
HLTH 54Intro to Public HealthJaney Skinner5Details
HLTH 59Introduction to community health workAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 60CHW SkillsAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 61CHW Field: Health Service and ExperienceAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 62CHW skills and Internship prepAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 63Chw Field: Health Services and InternshipAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 64Health Education and PreventionAlma Avila4Details
HLTH 65Youth Development & LeadershipCarol Badran4Details
HLTH 66Health Education for Chronic Disease ManagementTim Berthold4Details
HLTH 67HIV/STI Prevention EducationJoani Marinoff4Details
HLTH 70Physiological Effects of AddictionTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 72Cultural Aspects of AddictionTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 73Case ManagementTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 77Co-Occurring DisordersTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 78Ethical Isssues for Addiction CounselorsTandy Iles5Details
HLTH 79BAdvanced FieldworkTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 80Interpreting in Healthcare INora Goodfriend-Koven4Details
HLTH 81Interpreting in Healthcare IINora Goodfriend-Koven5Details
HLTH 82Field Experience in Healthcare InterpretingNora Goodfriend-Koven5Details
HLTH 83Motivational Counseling SkillsJennifer Carlin-Dawgert2Details
HLTH 88Family Systems: Theory and PracticeSal Nunez4Details
HLTH 90BHarm Reduction and HealthTandy Iles4Details
HLTH 91CHepatitis ABC'sJoani Marinoff4Details
HLTH 91DRecovery Model in Mental HealthSal Nunez5Details
HLTH 91GHealth, Education and EquityBeth Freedman3Details
HLTH 95Transgender HealthJoani Marinoff5Details
HLTH 97Stress & HealthJoani Marinoff4Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for HLTHStage 5: 10
Stage 4: 31
Stage 3: 3
Stage 2: 1
Stage 1: 0
Total: 45

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.