Social Sciences

AreaCoordinator NameAssessment StageFall 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
AMS 5: Comic, Power and SocietyLouis Schubert4Details
ECON 1: MacroeconomicsDouglas Orr5Details
ECON 25: Women in the EconomyDeborah Goldsmith5Details
ECON 30: African Americans in the U.S. EconomyJohn Whitehead4Details
ECON 3: MicroeconomicsDouglas Orr5Details
ECON 5: Introductory StatisticsMarc Kitchel5Details
ECON 6: International Economicssouleymane gueye3Details
HIST 12A: United States Women's History: Colonial Era through the 1880sMary Adams5Details
HIST 17A: United States History to 1877Mary Adams5Details
HIST 17B: U.S. History After 1865Aimee Medeiros5Details
HIST 1: U.S. History Since 1900Aimee Medeiros5Details
HIST 20: History of MexicoMark Piper5Details
HIST 21: Chicano/Mexican AmericanJose Cuellar3Details
HIST 35A: Chinese historyLaurene McClain5Details
HIST 35B: Chinese historyLaurene McClain5Details
HIST 46: Independent Studiy in HistoryAlioto5Details
HIST 49: History of San FranciscoAlioto5Details
HIST 4a: Early Western CivilizationLillian Marrujo-Duck5Details
HIST 9: Immigrants in the United StatesLillian Marrujo-Duck5Details
HIST History 12B: United States Women's History 1890 to PresentMary Adams5Details
HIST History 15A: The Indian in North AmericaValerie L. Mathes 2Details
PHIL 12a: Symbolic LogicStephan Johnson4Details
PHIL 25a: Ancient PhilosophyStephan Johnson4Details
PHIL 2: Introduction to Morality and PoliticsMichael Morales5Details
PHIL 2: Introduction to Philosophy: Morality and PoliticsStephan Johnson4Details
PHIL 40: Critical ThinkingStephan Johnson5Details
PHIL 40: Introduction to Logic: Critical ThinkingStephan Johnson4Details
PHIL 4: Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Its LimitsStephan Johnson4Details
POLS 1: American GovernmentTimothy Killikelly5Details
POLS 2: Comparative GovernmentTimothy Killikelly5Details
POLS 3: Political TheoryTimothy Killikelly 5Details
POLS 41: Indepent Study in Political ScienceAlioto5Details
POLS 43: Constitution and Individual RightsttutionTimothy Killikelly4Details
POLS 45: Government and Politics of Middle EastTimothy Killikelly 5Details
POLS 4: The Politics of GlobalizationTimothy Killikelly5Details
POLS 5: International RelationsTimothy Killikelly 5Details
Stage 5: 25
Stage 4: 8
Stage 3: 2
Stage 2: 1
Stage 1: 0
Total: 36

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Program has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and program will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.

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