Dental Assisting Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
DENT 110ACoronal PolishTiffany Ren3Details
DENT 54Applied Dental Science IIGeraldine Joseph3Details
DENT 55BDental RoentgenographyKay Murphy3Details
DENT 57Dental Office ManagementGeraldine Joseph3Details
DENT 67Advanced Dental ProceduresIldiko Davis3Details
DENT 70Clinical Chairside AssistingTiffany Ren3Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for DENTStage 5: 0
Stage 4: 0
Stage 3: 6
Stage 2: 0
Stage 1: 0
Total: 6

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.