Consumer Education Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
HOEC 104Life Span Nutrition & AssessmentLisa Yamashiro3Details
HOEC 105Clinical & Community NutritionLisa Yamashiro4Details
HOEC 106Nutrition Assistant Field ExperienceLisa Yamashiro5Details
HOEC 107 (co-listed as CDEV 107)Introduction to Child NutritionLisa Yamashiro5Details
HOEC 6122Consumer Education/Health and Nutritionmay.fong@mail.ccsf.edu4Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for HOECStage 5: 2
Stage 4: 2
Stage 3: 1
Stage 2: 0
Stage 1: 0
Total: 5

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.