Computer Networking and Information Technology Department


Course NumberCourse TitleCoordinator NameAssessment StageSpring 2013 Review and Tentative Future Plans
CNIT 10Careers in Computer Networking and Information TechnologySam Bowne4Details
CNIT 100Intro to Computers Using PC'sNancy Webb4Details
CNIT 101Operating Systems I - WindowsNancy Webb4Details
CNIT 102Operating Systems II - Command LineNancy Webb2Details
CNIT 103Computer HardwareAbigail Bornstein4Details
CNIT 103LComputer Hardware LabAbigail Bornstein4Details
CNIT 104Operating Systems TechnologiesDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 104LOperating Systems Technologies LabCarmen Lamha4Details
CNIT 105IT Customer SupportClaudia Da Silva4Details
CNIT 105LComputer Technical Support LabAbigail Bornstein4Details
CNIT 106Introduction to NetworksPierre Thiry4Details
CNIT 107Wireless LANsDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 108Advance Wireless NetworksDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 113Tech of Smartphones & MobileAbigail Bornstein4Details
CNIT 120Network SecuritySam Bowne, Richard Taha4Details
CNIT 121Computer ForensicsSam Bowne4Details
CNIT 122FirewallsDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 123Ethical Hacking and Network DefenseSam Bowne4Details
CNIT 124Advanced Ethical HackingSam Bowne4Details
CNIT 125Information Security Professional PracticesSam Bowne4Details
CNIT 126Practical Malware AnalysisSam Bowne1Details
CNIT 129Web 2.0 Internet TechnologiesClaudia Da Silva, Maura Clancy4Details
CNIT 131Internet Basics and Beginning HTMLClaudia Da Silva4Details
CNIT 131AExtensible Markup Language (XML)Maura Clancy4Details
CNIT 132Intermediate HTML and CSSSteve Rubin4Details
CNIT 133Interactive Web Pages - JavaScriptSteve Rubin4Details
CNIT 133MMobile Web w/ HTML, CSS, & JSClaudia Da Silva4Details
CNIT 134Server Side Tech. for the WebClaudia Da Silva4Details
CNIT 197Internship and Work ExperienceSam Bowne5Details
CNIT 198Internship and Work ExperienceSam Bowne5Details
CNIT 201ENetwork FundamentalsPierre Thiry4Details
CNIT 202ERouting Protocols and ConceptsPierre Thiry4Details
CNIT 203ELan Switching and WirelessPierre Thiry4Details
CNIT 204EAccessing the WANPierre Thiry4Details
CNIT 342Windows Server AdministrationDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 343Windows Server Administration InfrastructureDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 345Windows 7 Technical SupportSam Bowne4Details
CNIT 351SQL Server AdministrationRichard Taha4Details
CNIT 352Exhcange Administration & Mobile DevicesDarian Taha4Details
CNIT 40DNS SecuritySam Bowne1Details
CNIT 60Introduction to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)Sam Bowne4Details
Assessment Stage Subtotals for CNITStage 5: 2
Stage 4: 36
Stage 3: 0
Stage 2: 1
Stage 1: 2
Total: 41

Assessment Stage Definitions

  1. Course has undergone at least one full closed-loop cycle, and assessment is continual.
  2. Changes are being implemented and course will be reassessed.
  3. SLO assessment data/results are being analyzed and discussed.
  4. SLO assessments are developed and in use.
  5. SLOs are developed and regularly updated.