Support Services
Stage 4

Data Analysis

Data Shared With

Faculty and staff within our department

Data Sharing Methods
  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Shared document files
Data SummaryAfter the counseling appointment, students' familiarity of MRSD services increased 52% (from 4.8 to 8.3). “Core” services reached very high rates of familiarity: Counseling (91% to 97%), Educational Plans (72% to 96%), Tutoring (58% to 90%), Academic Classes (47% to 88%) & Scholarships (49% to 87%).

Other less familiar services received significant gains: Book Loan (32% to 75%), Book Voucher and Bi-lingual services (28% to 66%) and Outreach (13% to 48%).
Data AnalysisSignificant increases in familiarity of services would indicate achievement of outcome.
Next Steps Planned

MRSD will create a department brochure & update web pages to increase awareness of MRSD services during Fall 2013.

Learning Outcomes


Tentative Future Assessment Plans

Assessment TermSpring 2014
Assessment Activities
  • Revision of outcomes and assessment methods (measurements)
  • Assessment (measurement) of outcomes
  • Analysis and discussion of assessment data and next steps
  • Implementation of planned changes and reassessment
Assessment DetailsDistribute department brochures to students & CCSF community. Update web pages & load electronic version of the brochure.

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Additional Highlights

This SLO was conducted in Fall 2012, but was not submitted in that SLO reporting cycle.

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