PHOT 81D: Intermediate Photography; Digital
Stage 3
Steven Raskin

Basic Information

Number of Outcomes7
Number of Outcomes Assessed3
Assessment FrequencyEvery semester
Analysis FrequencyEvery semester
Detail LinkLink

Course Information

Number of Course Sections1
Number of Instructors1

Assessment Methods

MethodsAssessment of capstone projects in this course. Analysis based on image capture methodology and quality, file management competency, color and tone fidelity, and editing/presentation methodology.

Assessment Data Discussion and Analysis

TermFall 2013
How and With WhomDiscuss and review data with faculty and staff in same program.
Number Assessed9
Data Summary100% of students received a score of 3 or higher (out of 5) on the 4 aspects of their final projects. The lowest scores were for Outcome D; Contrast the differences between parametric and pixel editing. I believe that this is a result of the preponderance of emphasis in the course focused on Lightroom skills rather than Photoshop skills. I propose to bring instruction in these 2 applications closer to parity in the next semester.
Planned ImprovementsBeing the migration from Adobe Lightroom to Adobe Photoshop near the midpoint of the semester rather than approximately 2/3 through.
Program Review LinkYes, the above future improvements require resources that will be requested during the next annual PROGRAM REVIEW cycle. Examples: additional staff, equipment, software, consulting services, etc.

Future Plans

TermSpring 2014
ActivitiesAssessment (measurement) of outcomes, Analysis and discussion of assessment data and next steps, Implementation of planned changes and reassessment
DetailsRefocus the timeline for this course, de-emphasizing review of prerequisite materials in favor of more advanced functionality. Results of student projects indicate their capacity to move more rapidly through course content and tackle more advanced topics and tasks.
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