PHOT 81A: Intermediate Photo; B&W Film/Darkroom
Stage 4
Steven Raskin

Basic Information

Number of Outcomes14
Number of Outcomes Assessed11
Assessment FrequencyEvery semester
Analysis FrequencyEvery semester
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Course Information

Number of Course Sections1
Number of Instructors1

Improvement Details

DetailsAdditional emphasis was placed on camera metering techniques in order to improve SLO "C" from the course outline. Additionally assessment of SLOs D, E, F, & I were conducted.

Assessment Methods

MethodsDirect review and assessment of semester-long individual projects was used to comprehensively evaluate the results of Learning Outcome:

D. Describe the effects of various camera filters.

E. Compare available black and white film types.

F. Examine various film and paper processing chemicals.

I. Analyze push and pull film processing techniques.

Assessment Data Discussion and Analysis

TermFall 2013
How and With WhomFaculty and staff within our department.
Number Assessed14

SLO 1 2 3 4 5

D 0% 0% 14% 22% 64%

E 0% 0% 14% 14% 72%

F 0% 0% 0% 14% 86%

I 14% 22% 43% 14% 1%
Planned ImprovementsModify PHOT 81A course outline to eliminate SLO I; Analyze push and pull film processing techniques. This topic should migrate to PHOT 82; Zone System Techniques.
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Future Plans

TermSpring 2014
ActivitiesRevision of outcomes and assessment methods (measurements), Assessment (measurement) of outcomes, Analysis and discussion of assessment data and next steps
DetailsWork with department chair to begin revision of PHOT 81A and PHOT 82 course content and SLOs as well as reduce the total number of SLOs associated with PHOT 81A as there are too many for reasonable assessment. SLOs should be made broader and more inclusive.
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