PHOT 50B: History and Aesthetics of Photography Since 1945
Stage 4
Kathleen Perry

Basic Information

Number of Outcomes6
Number of Outcomes Assessed2
Assessment FrequencyEvery semester
Analysis FrequencyEvery semester
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Course Information

Number of Course Sections2
Number of Instructors1

Improvement Details

DetailsBased on the previous results, this semester a more concrete way of explaining Denotation was provided. This was accomplished by providing additional specific examples of denotation applied to specific images. Also added was a peer review opportunity.

Assessment Methods

MethodsSpecifically, I looked at the Visual Literacy Forum answers and Gallery Review paper to evaluate students’ understanding of the materials presented and their ability to articulate the synthesis of the materials. The Gallery Review is about image analysis based upon the class materials.

The Visual Literacy Forum occurs in the second week of the class and the Gallery Review is due the eighth week of the class.

Assessment Data Discussion and Analysis

TermSummer 2013, Spring 2013
How and With WhomOther college, students, faculty in same program.
Number Assessed30
Data Summary95% of responding students received a score of 75% or higher in Visual Literacy. 87% of responding students received a score of in Image Analysis. The benchmark was to have 75% of the responding students meet the outcomes. Based on these results, the goals were met and all areas are improving.
Planned ImprovementsThis student learning outcome has been met and next semester another will be addresses.
Program Review LinkNo answer

Future Plans

TermFall 2014
ActivitiesAssessment (measurement) of outcomes, Analysis and discussion of assessment data and next steps
DetailsChoosing SLO item D to access. Develop a forum for students to respond to and showcase their ability level in meeting the student learning outcome.
HighlightsThe result of accessing and implementing the student learning outcomes has been increased feedback for knowing the exact level of competency students have achieved.

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