FASH A: Intro to Sewing
Stage 4
Kamille Hitz

Basic Information

Number of Outcomes5
Number of Outcomes Assessed5
Assessment FrequencyEvery semester
Analysis FrequencyEvery semester
Detail LinkLink

Course Information

Number of Course Sections2
Number of Instructors1

Improvement Details

DetailsMachine Use Quiz questions were re-written to be more easily understood. A Handout for the handsewing was added. A sign was added to the wall for the handsewing. A pattern was added to the wall to explain hemming.

Assessment Methods

Methods89% of students passed the new Machine Use Quiz

81% of students passed the Handsewing sample

Students had less confusion about these assignments.

SLO A and C

Assessment Data Discussion and Analysis

TermFall 2013, Spring 2013
How and With WhomI reviewed the grades achieved by the students in the Spring and Fall semesters and compared them.
Number Assessed77
Data Summary89% of students passed the Machine Use Quiz, and 81% passed the Handsewing sample project. (Got a C or higher)
Planned ImprovementsThe new questions and handouts were successful, students did better and had fewer questions.
Program Review LinkNo answer

Future Plans

TermSpring 2014
ActivitiesImplementation of planned changes and reassessment
DetailsWill add more information to the Handsewing sample handout, plus more information to the Patching and Darning handout.
HighlightsNo answer

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