FASH 45A: Image Consulting
Stage 4
Kelly Armstrong

Basic Information

Number of Outcomes4
Number of Outcomes Assessed4
Assessment FrequencyEvery semester
Analysis FrequencyEvery semester
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Course Information

Number of Course Sections1
Number of Instructors1

Improvement Details

DetailsRevised Rubrics to align more precisely with course SLOs

Assessment Methods

Methodspop quizzes, direct observations, final exams and 2 projects that include Figure Analysis and Look Book and a capstone project the Image Makeover.

1. Figure Analysis is conducted outside of class where students work on each other. Then present a written report presented in a folder or binder that includes: a brief biography of client, a photo of the body analysis tracing with an explanation of the process and identity of the body type found.

2. Look Book is conducted as a personal makeover student does on themselves. It is a written report presented in a professional portfolio that includes: a biography of the student with photo, their image goals, their body type and the clothing that works for it, a fashion personality assessment and color analysis along with a fashion collage of photos depicting the new image look they want to achieve.

3. Image Makeover Group Project- is the capstone project where students work in groups. They are charged with conducting a complete image makeover that includes: Before and After photos, the assessment interview, body measurements, figure analysis, color analysis, Fashion Personality Assessment, three clothing looks that includes Business, Causal and Evening, Image recommendations and resources, Budget, 1-3page document about the Client, Evaluation of the plan and the client receives a copy of the Makeover Plan in a professional portfolio

Assessment Data Discussion and Analysis

TermSpring 2013
How and With WhomFaculty
Number Assessed21
Data Summary71.43% of the students met the class objectives with a grade average of 2.33. There were 6 students that received F's that brought down the grade average of the class. These students failed to turn in assignments and often were not in attendance
Planned ImprovementsI plan to encourage students to drop or withdraw from class in a timely manner so it won't bring down the class average. There were 8 students with A's , 4 B's, 2C's and 1 D this is a grade average of 3.27. Those 6 students getting F's had a major impact on the grade average
Program Review LinkYes, the above future improvements require resources that will be requested during the next annual PROGRAM REVIEW cycle. Examples: additional staff, equipment, software, consulting services, etc.

Future Plans

TermFall 2014
Activitiesminor changes
DetailsI plan to make minor changes like encouraging students to drop or withdraw in a timely manner so it won't affect grade average. I will withdraw or drop students myself if I see they aren't going to do it. I will then assess the outcomes and see what changes need to happen after this,
HighlightsNo answer

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