Veteran Counseling
Stage 4
Herving Valiente


Assessment Methods
  • Direct observation of students
  • Distribute new intake form for continuing Vets
Assessment DetailsFrom data gathered in the Fall, faculty determined that a second survey would better gather information from continuing Vets that will assist them in determining the needs of those students and to ensure that students have necessary information for transfer, about certificates, and the AA/AS degree options. As a result, faculty have created and are now distributing the new survey, and plans are in place to meet as a program to discuss gathered data.
Learning OutcomesBy the end of a counseling appointment with a Veteran’s counselor, students will have acquired knowledge about benefits and services available, educational planning, appropriate referrals for added personal and emotional support, registration information, and transfer information.
CriteriaThe main criteria used to determine student learning will be data from the post survey. Most importantly, direct observations made by counseling faculty of students' ability to retain and understand the complex educational structure and multiplicity of requirements of both the institution and Veteran's Administration will determine that outcomes have been achieved.

Data Review

Data Shared With
  • Faculty and staff within the same counseling program.
  • Students
Sharing Methods
  • Department meetings/discussions
  • Individual conference
  • Email
DescriptionThrough separate meetings among Vet counselors, data will be discussed and analyzed. Additionally, plans for program improvements suggested by data will be discussed for Fall implementation. First meeting will be in March.

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