Gateway to College Program
Stage 5
Dr. Ingrid Gonzales


Assessment Methods

Scholarship Accountability Record Tool

Assessment DetailsThe progress, persistence, and conduct of 25 students enrolled in IDST 50, English 93 or TRST 3346, and TRST 3421 will be analyzed using the Scholarship Accountability Record Tool.
Learning OutcomesOur SLO for Spring 2013 is the following: construct and take proactive steps to manage and overcome academic and personal obstacles.
CriteriaStudents who earn more 50% of the total points in the Scholarship Accountability Record tool would have demonstrated proficiency.

Data Review

Data Shared With

Faculty and staff within the same counseling program.

Sharing Methods
  • Individual conference
  • Program meetings
DescriptionCounselors will be collecting student data using the Scholarship Accountability Record tool weeks 4, 8, 12, and 16. Once collected, the data gathered will be reviewed and discussed during Program staff meetings and Director/Counselor Individual Conferences.

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